A Party Like No Other

Who needs crowded clubs and luxurious yachts to throw a party? Having fun among strangers is definitely not our thing! And so this is a private deal. This summer party needs no beach, tan or sun. No bathing suits or casual jeans. It doesn’t even need a swimming pool, or big car and balloons.This summer party has a theme though, and that would be “finding something special”! The venue? A no ordinary place to party. The time? Early in the morning. Dress code? Nothing boring! The only thing we need is each other, friends among friends and a guest, a Special guest! A bottle of Belvedere extravagant Vodka, an old friend that surely knows how to  party.

A unusual party, that differs from others also needs a unique cocktail.. A cocktail with a twist. Cranberry basil vodka gimlet! There is one thing I love about cocktails (besides their taste), the way different ingredients mix and match! Just like this party, the place, the clothes, us. Everything and everyone owns a unique status and personality, but  in some peculiar way we manage to relate. Everything/ Everyone can get along as long as there is a strong hold that exceeds the differences. In our party Belvedere Vodka is the master of success!

Pictures aren’t enough? Try checking up the video below! Cheers

[This year for the very first time there is a nomination of my blog on Marie Claire blog awards here in Greece and I am thankful to God and all of you, who supported me. A huge thanks to all of those, who contribute on my blog (photographers, stylist, models) as well as to all the brands and designers for our wonderful collaborations. And of course to Marie Claire Greece for giving the opportunity to raise the bar and pursue what makes me feel good! And now, let’s keep our fingers crossed!]

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Crandberry Basil Lemon Gimlet

4 parts cranberry basil syrup (recipe below)
3 parts vodka
3 parts fresh squeezed lemon juice
Seltzer water to top off individual glasses

Stir together all the ingredients into a pitcher filled with ice cubes until cold. Strain into individual glasses, filling them up about 3/4 full. Top off with seltzer water and garnish with basil sprigs.

Cranberry Basil Syrup

2 cups water
1 cup sugar
Zest from one lemon
1 1/2  pint cranberries
2 cups packed fresh basil sprigs

In a medium saucepan, stir together all the ingredients over medium heat until the sugar has melted. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce the heat a little and simmer until slightly thickened, about 15 minutes.

Strain the contents into a bowl, pressing hard against the sieve, then discard the solids. After it’s cooled, cover the syrup and store it in the refrigerator until cold.

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Boys’ outfits by Tommy Hilfiger summer collection ’15
Girl’s outfits by Celebrity Skin
Shoes: Migato
Watches: Daniel Wellington

Special thanks to: Georgia Georgiou, Kostas Nazlidis, Ioanna Theodorou & Ioulianos Theodosis (best short noticed models awesome guys)
Styling: Odysseas Provatas (for all of his precious help)
Make up & Hair: Stelios Michael (some say first time it’s a charm)
Photos by Dimitris Lks (for his tolerance and creativity)                                                                                                                                                                           Song: Goodbye by Feder feat. Lyse (Remix)


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