Uptown Funk

A moment of truth. This particular outfit may be something usual, but the ease of matching a three piece outfit and the comfort that Funky Buddha knows pretty well, can update my summer essentials. For most people summer clothing-wise means a T-shirt and shorts, especially when is hot outside. But for me, shorts and a rolled up shirt seems more appealing. (The sweater adds a solid color on the outfit.) For a reason I can’t explain, I love shorts with long sleeved shirts or sweaters. There is something quite stylish about that combination.

Summer in Athens though is warm, very warm, actually is hot and a shirt during noon is not something easy to deal with. But Funky Buddha (being a greek brand) knows about greek summers. The quality and the softness of the shirt – according to my senses – is just like wearing a plain T-shirt. And to me, that’s a fine pact! Rather than that a various collection of multicolored T-shirts, shorts and shoes can be found on Funky Buddha’s official site.

updown funk 1 updown funk 4 updown funk 8updown funk 6 updown funk 9updown funk 3updown funk 2updown funk 5updown funk 7updown funk 10

Total outfit by Funky Buddha
Shoes: Funky Buddha
Watch: Accurist

Styling: Odysseas Provatas
Photographer: Ioulianos Theodosis


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