Purple Wonderland

Purple is the color of luxury and royalty. Ancient priests and kings used to wear clothes in purple hues. In psychology, the purple color combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. Over the past few seasons menswear has fully embraced new patterns and strong colors, bringing male style in another lever. Floral pattern matched with bold colors and prints has definitely been a whole new era in men’s style, with many men becoming much more adventurous with their clothing choices.

This particular floral suit is the perfect way to express youth and joy! This suit was made by the greek designer Prince Erotokritos and from the very first moment I’d saw it on the runway, I felt my┬ápassion for florals to exceed all levels. Prince Erotokritos is known for his creativity beyond standards and his love for strong patterns. A suit with a floral twist and a flowery personality can absolutely upscale common suit styles. A neat black suit may be all-time classic, but a floral suit like this one, is a statement!

prince erotokritos 4 prince erotokritos 5 prince erotokritos 7prince erotokritos 8 prince erotokritos 1prince erotokritos 11prince erotokritos 6prince erotokritos 2 prince erotokritos 3prince erotokritos 9prince erotokritos 12Suit by Prince Erotokritos
Shoes: Migato
Watch: Daniel Welligton

Photographer: Ioulianos Theodosis
Styling: Odysseas Provatas


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