A Funky First Date

First date. What to wear? It is said that first impression is a big deal, and of course clothing, hair styling and make up help us to built up or tear down our image. A formal outfit is not summer appropriate, one the other hand, something light, colorful and comfortable is quite appealing. No need of tight clothes and various accessories, just the casual side of your self and your best manners to succeed and pass to the second round! šŸ˜‰

Try to keep your look simple and enhance the way you communicate your opinions and feelings. After all, clothes and make up will change and fade, but your personality is what will gain trust and attraction. Simple doesn’t mean sweatpants and tees with stamps. Simple can get stylish, when it is combined correctly. Balance the colors and prefer loose clothes (if the date takes placeĀ during the day) from the summer collection of Funky Buddha and get to know all about their colorful itemsĀ on their official site!

And if you want to see the girl’s point of view, then click here and visit Alexia’s post!

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Both outfits by Funky Buddha

Special Thanks to Alexia Zaradouka a.k.a. Miss Bloublou
Styling by Odysseas Provatas
Photos by Dimitris Lks


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