Hitching Out There

How many times you had an inner urge to leave. To leave everything behind. No luggages, no outfits, no hair products, no cellphones (no instagram), nothing. What if you had the chance to experience something new, something you’d never tried before. Hitching! An old-fashioned way of life, but definitely an adventurous one! The important thing is the escaping part, not the means of transportation.

Sunday is always the best day to relax and have some quiet time alone, organising my thoughts (meaning: my blog posts) and ideas (meaning: my blog posts). That particular Sunday was the last day of my vacation and from Monday on I had to get back to work, and so, I’d decided to walk without music (achievement succeed!), wearing nothing special but my new Carrera sunglasses. New Champion owns a unique personality and a easygoing fit. Pioneer in construction and iconic though the years. And remember, out there, is the road less boring!
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Tank top: Zara
Skinny Jeans: Bershka
Shoes: All Star
Sunglasses: Carrera

Photos by Dimitris Lks


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