The Forbidden Pool

The sun was about to set, when we first met. It wasn’t an ordinary date. Usually dates are consist of two people and we were three. Relax was our destination and fun our guide. No need of long talks and board games. Conversation and expressions of thoughts was not our thing. Secrets and whispers on the other hand were indented and mandatory. We were in need of emotions. Emotions through serenity and physical contact. Tranquility in our actions and a blast of feelings. An unconventional kind of date began as the orangish sun rays were vanishing into thin air.

Usually clothes speak by themselves. Prints, colors and trends are defining not only who we are, but also what we are meant to say/or feel. The same can be obtained though shoes, accessories and jewellery. Architectural Fashion by Nefelia jewellery are made of laser cut plexiglass in a variety of fluorescent colors. Curvy or pointed creations of plexiglass radiate a unique style and a fashionable architectural design! Wanna be a part of our unusual date, follow her story here.

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Outfits: We are still bold & beautiful
Jewelry: Architectural Fashion By Nefelia
MakeUp & Hair: Beauty Moments by Eleni Papadopoulou
Styling: Odysseas Provatas
Photographer: Ioulianos Theodosis
Assistand Photographer: Ermis Theodoropoulos
Models: Xrysanthi Apost & Ioulianos Theodosis
Venue: Athina ART Apartments