Balmaination Rise

This year the ultimate collaboration couldn’t be anything else than Balmain for H&M. One of the most extravagant combinations of fabrics and style were met for the sake of H&M’s annual top designers alliance! Each year H&M raises the bar higher and higher. And higher. But this year super womanly silhouettes and rich embellishments form an amazing collection, bringing sequins, shoulder pads and super sexy short dresses back on track!

Elegant combinations of fur, leather, suede and metal team up in order to crash and conquer todays fashion trends. It is all about blending fabrics. Items with dark colored hues of green, burgundy and black in both loose and slim fit are the main proof that fashion is evolving and engaging new statements with minimal references in the past. Joining Balmain and H&M is joining an entire nation #HMBalmainNation and it’s a symbol of togetherness.

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All outfits by Balmain x H&M

Special thanks to Kostantina Pol and Konstantinos Pantelis for the amazing collaboration
Styling by Odysseas Provatas
Photos by Ioulianos Theodosis
Kostantina’s hairstyle by Extravagant Coiffure