Super Sony Dry

I’ve never been a sports fan, football, basketball or any other kind. I used to play some sports when I was younger, but I was so thrilled about ’em. I don’t know if it was the fatigue or the sweating thing, but I know for sure that wearing sweatpants was a nightmare [overreacting]. But my favorite part has always been music, listening to music at home, at work, on my way to work and at the gym. I could walk for hours, while listening to my playlist.

Music had always been a perfect companion, an emotional comfort, and the way to express my feelings. The other day I’ve decided to do some jogging instead of working out. It was a bit cold and rainy but that wasn’t enough to stop me, and so I wore my favorite sweater and its matching T-shirt by Superdry, a pair of running tights and my this-year-ultimate-must-have: my adidas tubular. And as I’ve stated above exercise without music is unbearable, so I had my new Sony AS600BT headphones to give me the beat. Wireless, splashproof and sweat resistant, this wrap-around headset is designed to fit comfortably to the head so you can run and jump as much as you want and with one touch you can listen to music, make and answer calls. Get set…go…

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Sweater: Superdry
T-shirt: Superdry
Leggings: Salomon
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: adidas tubular
Headphones: Sony AS600BT

Photos by Ioulianos Theodosis
Styling by Odysseas Provatas


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