Beige And Blue Elements

It is said that after every sunset, comes the sunrise. After hard times and struggles, everything seems more convenient, more effortless. Winter is followed by spring and dark and moody colors pave the way for vivid and bold ones. Spring time already and it is all about earthy colors in H&M studio ’16 men collection. Check shirts, oversized tops, loose pants and squared jackets are the main key items, and a sharp contrast of blue and beige hues witness the coming of spring time.

Blue stands for water and beige for soil. Two strong elements of nature coexist harmonious and under wise balance. H&M always brings new trends and styles in the male fashion world, while fighting for a better life cycle, having quality on one hand and sustainable design on the other. New studio collection brings an era of terrestrial rebirth and a fashionable sunrise both to men’s and women’s closet.

crop jacket 1 crop jacket 2 crop jacket 3 crop jacket 4 crop jacket 7 crop jacket 6 crop jacket 8 crop jacket 5

Total Outfit by H&M Studio ’16 Collection
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Jewelry: Moutsatsos

Photos by Nikos Koukakis