Fallen Eagle

It is quite known, that it doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you’ll get back up.  Problems and struggles are an integral part of life and you can not help it but succeed, cause we’re made to do so! The landing isn’t always easy, it maybe hurtful emotionally or mentally, but we need to stand, to stand again. Sometimes there will be help, but there are times that we are all alone. Those are the moments, where we empower ourself and become larger than life. We conquer our fears and vanish our doubts and the eagle is back up. Where it belongs!

And if you’re about to fall, fall with style. American Eagle Summer Collection is all about strong colors and soft fabrics. Super flexible pants and shorts are the key garment for this summer. Who wants tough textures and heavy clothes when summertime? American Eagle is known for comfy and high quality apparels. And my favorite item from the summer collection is the oversized denim jacket matched with either short or regular pants. Visit American Eagle Store in The Mall of Athens and you’ll definitely find your favorite piece. :)

american eagle summer 1 american eagle summer 2 american eagle summer 5 american eagle summer 3 american eagle summer 7 american eagle summer 4 american eagle summer 6

Total outfit by American Eagle
Shoes: adidas Superstar
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Sunglasses: Yves Saint Laurent (Panaidis Eyewear Boutique)
Jewelry: Moutsatsos & Annita Sima

Photos by the newcomer Theophilos Tsimas


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