H&M Loves Friends (and Coachella)

There are many things in life, we don’t get to choose, such us family, nationality, skin complexion, weather condition, personality, IQ – to name a few. But thank God we have the right to choose many many others, religion, behaviour, political ethics, place to stay, what to wear and friends! When I’ve first started this blog, the goal was to express my individuality and love for fashion through the eyes of a regular greek guy. Not a model, or actor, not even a stylist or fashionista. But one of my greatest achievements was to meet and collaborate with new people, new faces, new friends.

In this particular photoshoot we struggled to find place, time, photographer or even clothes. But we had each other. And all of us together we had the strength to fight. We faced heavy rain and severe wind, a heard of curious cows and a not so friendly guard. It sounds absurd but that was the truth. But we had each other. Finally we found an dusty shipwreck and a photographer and we started our weird party. It was cold but we had each other. We were sick, but we had each other, it was difficult, but we had each other. Inner strength met stylish combinations and the festive aura of H&M brought joy to our gang. Some people need drinks and music, balloons and food to celebrate. We had each other!

H&M coachella 2 H&M coachella 3 H&M coachella 7 H&M coachella 8 H&M coachella 6 H&M coachella 5 H&M coachella 10 H&M coachella 9H&M coachella 11

Total Outfits by H&M (H&M loves Coachella)
Shoes: Tsakiris Mallas
Accessories: H&M

Special thanks to every single one of these guys, who made this post hard to forget. Dimitra Kokkori, Katerina Panagiotopolou & Nikos Koukakis.

Photos by Theophilos Tsimas

Never give up & always trust your friends

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