Red Stands For Fearless

It is said that those who choose to be red, choose to be noticed. That quote may has to do with hair, but it is a general rule when it comes to the boldness of red color. Red is adventurous, red is daring, red is speaking-louder-than-words. Its fearless hues need to be tamed down softly, by matching quiet colors. White is a comfort zone, black is the perfect contrast, grey is something new and blue is too much.

Every passionate moment has a peak and that is achievable while wearing red. No need of prints and many layers. Red is a trustworthy commander, just get loose and do not overthink it! A pair of red pants is a great idea for a casual walk during the day and a fashionable statement during the night. Wanna be noticed among the crowd? Think RED! And if you’re wise enough, visit Fashion Bazaar and shop, shop, shop all your favorite brands half price!

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Hoodie: Superdry
Trousers: Antony Morato
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Jewelry: Moutsatsos
Shoes: Nike

Photos are taken by my beloved Nikos Koukakis


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