Nautica To The Rescue

All of us need a savior. Someone, who can catch us or lift us up, when we fall, someone who can save us from deep waters or hot fires. A physical state of fire or water has a powerful substance. A substance that exceeds our morality. This is why so many trained people are working on these field in order to keep us safe. Figuratively speaking a fire or water is something that comes against us, but in this case we do have the weapons to confront them. All we need is a saving mechanism. Something/Someone to rely on. Family and friends or inner meditation and past experiences.

When it comes to fashion, there are lots of new trends and styles that may exceed ourself. Things that aren’t flattering or attachable to who we are. This is why we should follow rules and DON’Ts, in order to be safe. Old-navy style has to do with specific colors and combinations. There’s the basic triangle of colors red-blue-white, and¬†particular accessories and clothes to match. Tip: Easiest way to stay safe? Visit Nautica stores and you’ll get a proper knowledge¬†on the subject. Nautica owns this style. Therefore, Nautica is your savior!

nautica 1 nautica 2 nautica 3 nautica 5 nautica 6 nautica 4 nautica 7 nautica 8

Total outfit by Nautica
Shoes: Migato
Watch: Henry London
Jewelry: Moutsatsos

Photos by Nikos Koukakis (he is keeping me amazed)


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