When Casual Is Off the Table

I know and we’ve heard plenty of times about the greatness of denim, and how it matches with everything and flatters all body types, but what if we want to skip the safety of a pair of jeans? Easy Peasy! Chinos pants are the finest competitors! They’re not that easy to¬†mix and match, but there is something elegant about this fabric! Plus it looks amazing in various colors. But it’s summer time and those of you us, that can’t get along with shorts, chinos are what we crave for. Think it as a fashionable pair of jeans.

And if you want to stay away from denim in general, then let me introduce you (even though it’s not necessary) The Bostonians. This brand is entirely for men. Exactly! And I love brands that focus on each genre. The Bostonians offer the perfect alternative outfit. Formal, semi-formal or even casual with a twist, all dressing codes in a brand. Who said that suit is the only solution? Uh, uh! The Bostonians! That’s the solution! Day and night, you remain stylish!

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Total outfit by The Bostonians
Shoes: Migato
Watch: Henry London (new fav)
Sunglasses: Yves Saint Laurent
Jewelry: Moutsatsos

Photos by Nikos Koukakis <3


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