Confide In Axe

Self-confidence. It is easier to spell the word than to conquer it. Confidence is a virtue. Confidence in yourself is magic. Many of us tend to built up this inner strength when buying new clothes and goodies, when fixing and working on our body, when succeeding a goal. There are numerous ways to find this kind of magic, but what matters the most is the way we get there, and not the goal by itself. Even in your private moments you can release waves of confidence and truly transform yourself. What you surely need is the motion, the goal and the way to get there.

Working your inner confidence is the same when working out. You need a trained coach in order to succeed. Someone who can help you release your energy and build you up. We all know that, but all of us have little secrets. Wanna know mine? Feeling clean and fresh is a feeling that comes to me through the sense of odor! There is an underlying sense of freedom when I’m not trapped in myself. Axe new fragrance and anti-perspirant spray or rollon (you can choose the format you prefer) is a trustful ally on that field. Axe can fight my battles and conquer my anxieties. It is just like having a hot personal trainer while working out. But wait a minute… Why can we have both? 😉

axe signature 4

The AXE Signature Daily Fragrance with the mixture of Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla is the perfect long lasting fragrance to provide all day freshness and sensual uniqueness that refines your style smoothly. No need to worry about body odor – AXE anti-perspirant spray or rollon for men helps you stay fresh with the best smelling scents, no yellow or white stains, that offers you a 48-hour odor & sweat protection. AXE new grooming series are all about being true to who you are. Authentic! Just like your signature!axe signature 11axe signature 1axe signature 6axe signature 2 axe signature 7 axe signature 5 axe signature 10 axe signature 8 axe signature 9

Total outfits by Reebok
Shoes: Reebok ZPump Fusion 2.0
Featuring AXE Grooming For Men

Special Thanks to
Christina Kaliakatsou for his breath-taking collaboration
Elements Training Center for the amazing venue
Nikos Koukakis <3 for empowering this post with his inspiration behind the camera
Calvin Klein products & make up artist Irini
Reebok for their awesome shoes
and AXE that helped me find my magic :)


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