Water Can’t Cool Them Down

There is no doubt that men’s choices regarding clothes are more than sufficient, but when it comes to women… Oh my God! There are tons of choices, styles, items and many more. Fashion industry is all about them actually and this is why women rule this particular world! Their passion for fashion and stability all these years have built a colossus of famous girl brands. Nowadays it is easier for them to shop online without destroying their heels! 😛

One of the fastest growing brands for women here in Greece is Lynne. Lynne not only owns a huge variety of different styles and clothes, but also has modern fittings and keeps up with international trends. Tight dresses and flowing jumpsuits are the key garments of Lynne, while hot shorts and cozy tops are a must-buy! You may find everything you need and many many more on their official site, by clicking Lynne site here. On this post we’ve decided to enhance our pictures with four stunning professional dancers and a music video with the guidance of the choreographer Nikos Koukakis. Thumbs up for all four of them cause they sway perfectly on their high heels!

lynne dancers 1 lynne dancers 2lynne dancers 10lynne dancers 9lynne dancers 4 lynne dancers 6lynne dancers 11 lynne dancers 8 lynne dancers 7lynne dancers 3 lynne dancers 5

Total outfits & accessories by Lynne

Special thanks to Nikos Koukakis for his extravagant (and my favorite) choreography and assistance at all times.
Christina Kaliakatsou the black dressed Firebomb
Stella Koutsoulidou the white-cullotes Latina
Elena Christina Papadopoulou the hot-short Sweetheart
Katerina Yfanti the red dressed Temptation

A huge thank you for your time and moves guys. Welldone!


Your Fashionattendant