It Takes Three to Tango

In everything we do there is always a principal, a base. In accounting there is math, In physics there are laws, in dancing there are steps, in our society there are morals.  In the busy world of fashion, there are prints, colors, styles and fabrics that compose this basic state. An unquestionable example is the quality and the uniqueness of denim fabric. Denim can be the origin, the foundation, the powerful canvas in every outfit.

Denim can be worn at all occasions, from a casual day at the office to a birthday party, or a not-my-type-of-wedding. Denim can transform an outfit, it can tame it down or fashion it up. When there are noisy prints or heavy fabrics, denim has the ability to bring balance within the outfit itself. This winter Sisley has raised the bar concerning denim-wear. You can always look fancy while wearing a pair or jeans or a denim shirt or skirt. Do not underestimate its power! Everything that owns uniqueness has special powers. And so does denim!

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Total outfits by Sisley
Watches: Daniel Wellington
Hand bags & back bag by Benetton

Special credits to my stunning girls Georgia Mitsoura & Sotiria Papadopoulou

Photo credits to Nikos Koukakis, amazing work once more


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