A Modern Lumberjack

One of my favorite things that has the tendency to gets thicker and warmer during the winter is the comfy shirt. Is all about that close encounter of the fabric with the body that brings comfort and softness on a cold day. These particular woolen shirts go hand in hand with a casual style and less with a formal one. It reminds me the heavy scarves that my mother made me wear when a was younger. This woolen plaid shirt seems likeĀ an upperbody all-over scarf.

Superdry is mostly known for its incredible quality concerning sweaters and sportswear, but who says that shirts are off the table? Soft, fluffy, smooth plaid shirts in various colors are some of Superdry’s new collection. You don’t need to visit northern cold places to fit a shirt like this. You can simply boost your casual outfit by wearing one on a cold day! And since casual is the goal you can combine your comfy shirt with the master of casual – denim!

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Shirt: Superdry
Hoodie: Superdry
Jeans: Pepe Jeans London
Scarf: Pepe Jeans London
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Bag: Pepe Jeans London
Jewerly: Regalis Collection

Special credits to my beloved brother Angelo Karip
All clicks by me :)


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