Color Your City

Athens is a busy city full of energy, traffic and colorless concrete buildings. Unvivid, greyish, no-life construction with few green areas. The saddest part is that the life in a big city affects our phycology, our mentality and the way we dress. For us, men, business suits in black, grey or dark blue color and jeans when it comes to casual wear. All these have something in common, they belong to the cool palette of colors.

We are in need of warmth, not only in our clothes, but in our inner selves as well. Rarely we prefer green, khaki, brown or orange colors when it comes to our everyday life, maybe because of their individuality and strength as solid colors. Animal brand  builds on the emerging trend for combining lifestyle pieces with technical elements, to create an uncompromising collection of hard-worn outdoor essentials with a fashion edge. A fashion edge that differs from the usual. And we certainly want to be different in a big city!

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Total outfit by Animal
Shoes: Vans
Watch: Henry London
Accessories: Animal

Photos by Nikos Koukakis


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