Seriously Soft Christmas

Have you ever thought what Christmas is all about? Decorated houses, shopping with no end, festive family tables? Is it about materials or feelings, or maybe both? When I was younger toys was my centre of attention, but now, it is all about good times! Family hugs and crazy times with friends. I don’t need formal clothes and dinners, I just want a warm home and my friends. And since this is a fashion blog, I need cozy clothes.

This is why I love American Eagle Outfitters, seriously soft sweaters, cozy plaid shirts, superflexible pants, and funny undies! Ok, I admit that in the beggining of the photoshoot we took it quite seriously, but as the time was passing by, we realise that having fun was what we’ve really wanted. Softness and craziness all in one post. American Eagle Outfitters serves Christmas at home with the most casual way! This Christmas you can eat as much as you want, but we prefer to trust America’s favorite brand!

american-eagle-xmas-1 american-eagle-xmas-2 american-eagle-xmas-3american-eagle-xmas-9 american-eagle-xmas-5 american-eagle-xmas-6american-eagle-xmas-10 american-eagle-xmas-7 american-eagle-xmas-8

Total Outfit by American Eagle
Underwear: American Eagle
Watches: Daniel Wellington

Photos taken by Mary Matsaka

Special Thanks to my crazy friends Sofia Vakalopoulou and Nikos Koukakis


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