Matrix Renovated

Remember Keanu Reeve’s style in The Matrix? Did I liked the movie back then? No. Do I like it now? Still no. Did I loved Neo’s black coat and secretly ask Santa to get me one. Yes. Nuff said, long black cardigans or coats, capture the essence of Matrix when it comes to fashion. A similar futuristic vision and contrast is readopted through H&M Studio Collection ’17. Inspired by the world of sports and modernism, loose garments, nylon textures and minimal looks are the main elements of this collection.

A fashionable rebirth of sport style in plain colors. Who said spring is only about flowers and bold colors? Black and white outfits hide an everlasting tradition within time. H&M knows how to master in fashion bringing clean cut lines and absolute must-haves in mens wardrobe! Fan of Matrix? Here you go, fan of sports? Here you go again! Fan of excellence in quality & style? H&M is your mentor.

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Total outfit by H&M Studio Collection ’17
Shoes: adidas Superstar

Wonderfully captured by Nikos Koukakis!


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