Genderless Fashion

In the very first verses of the book of Genesis it’s written that God created male and female, in His Own image. Through the decades of fashion, man had established his territory within the borders of male clothing and woman differentiated in order to be unique.  Man was all about suits, ties, shirts, and pants, while woman was all about dresses, skirts, hats, heels. Each one had his own accessories and statements. But the years passed and evolution came over. A sexual revolution was at hand in the mid 70’s after political and cultural issues.

In an era when gender stereotypes were questioned and dismantled, and when the feminist and gay rights movements were gaining momentum and a voice, the fashion industry responded in kind. Designers from Paris to Hollywood imagined a future of equality and androgyny. The unisex movement affected all ages. Today pants are being worn by both men and women and jean fabric is the prefect bridge connecting two different worlds. Unisex fashion is no longer a state of taboo or drama. Is not even about rights. It’s just a state of fashion and H&M knows all about statements. This particular unisex capsule collection expresses the essence of male-female equality through denim.

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Total outfits by H&M Unisex Capsule Collection
Shoes: adidas

Special thanks to Katerina Panagiotopoulou and Nikos Koukakis for their incredible collaboration and tolerance!


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