The Dream Catcher

In life, they say, what matters is the journey and not the destination. The way we choose to follow our dreams in order to catch them. That would be the most difficult thing to do. Effort, tiredness, anxiety, persistence and patience. Easy to write them down as virtues, but so hard to deal with them. What I’ve learned all these years pursuing my dreams, is never to stay out of focus. Never take your eyes from the goal. Just look straight ahead.

Of course you are not alone, there are always family and friends by your side. And there are some tricks that can help you thrive. A well fitted suit by Antony Morato combined with a light-colored shirt will always draw attention. Or even “do the magic” for you.Antony Morato knows about excellence. First interview, business meeting, social obligations and much more. Trust in your suit, believe in yourself and work hard.

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Outfit by Antony Morato
Backpack: Pepe Jeans London
Watch: Daniel Wellington

Special thanks to Nikos Koukakis for his awesome posing and of course my lovely puppy Laida who looks stunning as always


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