The Unbearable Lightness of Red

It is said that red color stands for passion. Passion for what you’re doing or of who you truly are. Passion is just a word but its essence is what dominates and motivates people. Passion is for the daring ones and so is red! Red is a distinctive color which has many oddities. It can’t get along with all colors, its uniqueness is so strong that devours other colors and it can’t even matched with its own hues.

The bolder the red the more difficult to be combined. Color blocking is all about bold and strong colors put together in a piece of clothing or an outfit. Blue is the most friendly color out of them all and it can easily be worn with pretty much everything. The dynamic duo of red and blue has been a trademark for unique styles and  major companies. Nautica is one of them. Nautica brand has its routes in the triangle of blue, red and white and this is the main reason why it is so easily recognisable. Nautica‘s Summer collection is all about pale red hues, light blue, soft yellow and green.


nautica summer 1 nautica summer 2 nautica summer 3 nautica summer 5nautica summer 4 nautica summer 8nautica summer 6 nautica summer 7

Total outfit by Nautica
Belt: Nautica
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Shoes: adidas Superstar <3

Photos are taken by Nikos Koukakis on a windy day (that may explain the hair situation)
Photobomber: Laida (my boxer)


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