Gone With The Wind

There was always power in the elements of the Earth, but it was hidden. And man managed not only to find it, but also to extract it from the soil, the sea and the air. The air moves and motivates. The air transfers and shares. But the air also suffocates and destroys. Power is not always a good thing. Power by itself has no essence, no strength. It is how it’s been conducted and controlled, that forms its core. Same works with man. We are no good or bad. We are just vessels. What it’s being deposit in us makes us who we are!

Fashion makes no difference, it has power and it has been invented by the man. Textures, fabrics and colors are the first substances. But quality and style is what we choose to work upon. The Bostonians brand is all about stylish clothes which lack no quality. Amazing textures, soft fibers and strong colors. The Bostonians summer collection matches all these in every piece. And there is one thing that I love the most in fashion. Floral print! And there is a pleasant surprise in this collection. Just let it blow and you will see!

bostonians summer 1 bostonians summer 2 bostonians summer 5 bostonians summer 4 bostonians summer 6 bostonians summer 3 bostonians summer 9 bostonians summer 8 bostonians summer 7

Total Outfit by The Bostonians
Belt: The Bostonians
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Shoes: adidas Gazelle

Special thanks to Nikos Koukakis, who travelled kilometers, climbed mountains and help me find this stunning location


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