No Words Allowed

Actions speak louder than words. Most times. Sometimes we’re trying to clarify or promise stuff without being ready to follow them. We declare, announce and insist but in the end we fail. This is why the best way to make a declaration is by our actions. The things we do certify the things we say. Or this is how it is supposed to be. There are things that can not easily be said, so the best way to describe them it is by expressing our feelings through our body. We should let our body talk.

In fashion all statements are made by designing innovative collections, trademarks and creativity, while in the sports field by records, efforts and hard work. In both areas our body is the platform, the canvas. No words needed. Bodytalk brand is a strong combination of creative work though comfortable sportswear and love for your body through gymwear essentials in order to succeed your personal efforts. Pilates, Yoga, dancing and any kind of training may be your field, Bodytalk can reinforce your strengths and fit you within a wide variety of activewear. Train hard and let bodytalk speak for you!

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Total outfits by Bodytak
All accessories: Bodytalk
Swimwear: Bodytalk
My Shoes: adidas Tubular
Her Shoes: Nike

Special thanks and words of awesome to Persefoni Falari for her talented support and dance moves and to Nikos Koukakis for his amazing clicks and set up directions!


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