Too Cool To School

Blue color belongs to the palette of cool colors. It actually defines cool temperature – think your shower tap. But that doesn’t necessarily means that blue color can’t be cool enough. It’s one of the strongest colors and the easiest to get combined with most colors, even with its own hues, and to be brutally honest blue is my favorite color (since a was a little boy).

Blue is for men what pink is for women. There are numerous collections in most brands that use blue as a lead color, or even as a basic color. Blue stands for casual and formal. Blue stands for jeans and for suits. Blue stands for pants and shorts. Antony Morato know how to use shades of blue in their collection. For Antony Morato blue is a statement, a trust, a credo.

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Total outfit by Antony Morato
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Shoes: Tsakiris Mallas

Special credits to Nikos Koukakis cause each click was a masterpiece!


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