Salt On My Suit

There is one thing that I like specifically during Summer – beyond watermelon and ice cream – and that is the smell and taste of salt on my skin. Sea water may not be drinkable, but my salty arms and shoulders is something that brings memories from my childhood! On our way home from the beach I used to kiss my arms in order to taste and smell the fresh salt, knowing that I’m carrying the sea with me. I even loved the white traces of salt on my tanned skin.

Years passed by, and I still love the same smell and taste. Taking something into the sea with me means intimacy. This fine suit by Antony Morato is lighter than the air and its color reminded me of my boyish love, and so I did it! I took it in the sea. I didn’t swim in it, I just played for a while and that was it. But that was my moment. And the moment became a memory. Antony Morato is known for its excellence in fitted suits and its amazing quality in matching fabrics!

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Total outfit by Antony Morato
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All clicks by Nikos Koukakis


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