Pale Against Bold

Our whole life consists of a mixture of moments. Strong and weak not so strong moments. Moments that passed and moments who became memories. But we need both, in order to have a balance living. This is why we laugh, cry and express all kinds of feelings. We could say we have bold and pale moments. But that doesn’t mean that we only cherish the bold ones.

In fashion there are bold and pale colors, bold and pale styles but the magic happens when you manage to combine those two and create a harmonic outfit. Lacoste this Summer brought all kinds of magic to the casual wear. Soft pale colored jacket and pants and dominate bold colored shorts, polos and anoraks. Always keeping neat fit lines and total outfits based on the simplicity and tranquillity. After all, when it comes to being simple, the crocodile knows better!

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Total outfits by Lacoste
Shoes: Lacoste
Watches: Daniel Wellington

Many thanks to Nikos Koukakis for posing besides me for once more!
Amazing clicks by BillyHeis


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