Dance For Pleasure

For some people training is a hobby, while for others is a way of life. Training is most times painful, needs body effort and mind balance, but it comes with results. There are numerous kinds of training, running, weight lifting, racing circuit, dancing. Yes, dancing! For the people below dancing is more than a training method, more than a hobby, is a inner passion. And so they train for pleasure!

Bodytalk is the sportswear brand that defines pleasure not only comes to training, but also when it comes to fashion. Colorful outfits, printed leggings, super soft tees and fashionable crop tops. Bodytalk is in favor of reaching limits and accomplishing goals, always supporting with the most healthy way of fabrication and design. In life you can chase your dreams (training wise) but if you choose Bodytalk you do it in style!

This video is not about showing off, it’s not about special skills and unique talents. It is about expressing feelings through steps and music. It’s all about passion and carelessness. Nikos and his girls besides skilled dancers have one thing in common, they train for pleasure. And I’ve tried to imitate them for the sake of this post!

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