Green Street Cooligans

In fashion there are must, do’s, dont’s rules, statements, colors, styles and trends, but the most important thing is balance. Keeping balance in your life is a true virtue, but keeping balance in the way you dress is going to save you from bad days. What matters the most is to stay focus on you who are, what you love and how comfortable you feel. Being cool is not always easy, but is t isn’t science.

Prefer simple styles instead of excessive prints and combination, especially when is summer. Being cool is the core of summer. Be as plain as you can. A pair of shorts and a T-shirt is a great example. Being simple though does not mean you can’t express yourself through fashion. Pepe Jeans London are in favor of being cool, since their summer collection is all about fresh prints, cheerful combinations and natural colors!

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Total Outfits by Pepe Jeans London
Shoes: Lacoste and Nike
Socks: American Eagle
Accessories: American Eagle
Watches: Daniel Wellington

Special credits to Nikos Koukakis for hanging out with me on this blog post as cool as he is and to Billy Heis for his amazing work behind the camera


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