Original Eminence

We are humans and we are mortal. We live one life and we are unique. We love and hate. We laugh, play, work and think. For some we are typical and common, but we know, we’re not. It is not the way we look and speak, but the way we think and behave that individuate us. We fight for our diversity and we conquer our dreams.

I’ve always dreamed of flying and walking on walls. Ain’t gonna happen though. Tried and failed the same time. But what I enjoyed the most, was the rising up from the ground again part! Every time I fell but I fell with style. I may be not suitable to walk on walls but adidas brand new EQT help me being cool while falling. Comfortable and in amazing design and shape, adidas EQT bring a new era to new footwear generation, suited for all occasions. Walk, jump, dance, run, fly! Each of us with our own special way. Remember, I am different and you are different. We are different. We are Original.

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Shoes & T-shirt: adidas EQT
Jeans: American Eagle
Leather Jacket: Personal collection (once belonged to daddy)
Watch: Nick Cabana


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