Amer-ICAN Surfer

Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve been dreaming of flying. That would be my wishful thinking, my hidden pleasure, my dream. But I knew I couldn’t fulfil my inner expectations, cause we are not made to fly, not even taste the feeling while bungee jumping. And so I proceed to my next dream, walking on water. Equally difficult but somehow easier. And so, I said to myself, let’s give it a try!

Of course I didn’t try to walk on water, I tried surfing. I had it all planned out, standing on the surfboard and letting the wind guiding my route. Clearly I was wrong. I’ve tried but I fell numerous times but finally I did it! I managed to surf for few seconds. And I did it while wearing America’s favorite jeans. American Eagle is widely known for the high quality denim fabrics and innovative flexibility. Jeans which made to last, jeans to partner you through the day. Jeans to experience new boundaries and conquer your dreams. As I did mine. I thought I couldn’t, but #Ican

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Total outfit by American Eagle
Watch: Daniel Wellington

Special thanks to Yasurfaki Varkiza for their help and Nikos Koukakis for his wet clicks


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