Camo Dudes

Camo print may bring back painful army memories but it’s one of the hottest trends this Winter. Camo print follows the same rules other prints do. Obviously styling a camo print is going to be easier in a more relaxed outfit. It’s pretty much free roam here, just make sure you haven’t got any conflicting prints going on. Oh, and as much as it might work for its denim counterparts, avoid go for camo on camo.

Camo knows no gender, it may be a strong man-print, but when it’s accessorised properly, it can flatter female curvy bodies as well. You don’t need combat boots to create an outfit, only your badass attitude and you are off to go. Superdry this year brings camo print on an other level, with a wide variety of prints and camo styles both for men and women. Soft fabrics with a killer design. Join Superdry Army now!

superdry military 2 superdry military 1 superdry military 5 superdry military 8 superdry military 9 superdry military 4 superdry military 6 superdry military 7 superdry military 3

Total Outfit by Superdry
Sunglasses: Valley Eyewear (Xeyes,cy)
His shoes: Lacoste
Her shoes: Migato
His watch: Daniel Wellington

Special thanks to co-blogger and friend Ioanna Theodorou for the amazing collaboration and Nikos Koukakis for the slammin’ clicks


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