The Garden Of Erdem

In the beginning God created man and woman and they were placed in a sacred place. A hidden place, a place full of life, love and prosperity. God placed them within His heart. Man and woman had seen each other in that place for the very first time. They met in this vast location of love. They were created by love and for love. They weren’t truly naked, they were dressed, dressed in love. Flowers covered their bodies and romance covered their heart. And they found love, in that place, in the garden of Eden.

This year H&M announced the annual collaboration with ERDEM, the London-based label loved by celebrities and insiders alike. Designer Erdem Moralioglu is one of fashion’s most romantic creators, whose exquisitely crafted pieces celebrate the power of beauty by exploring historical references and personal narratives. His dresses are red carpet favorites. ERDEM x H&M feature a full wardrobe of his famously feminine womenswear, an accessories line and, for the first time ever, a collection for men.

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Total outfits by Erdem x H&M
Backpack: Erdem x H&M
His shoes: Migato
Her Shoes:

Special credits to Maria Livaditi, who I love and respect. That would be the second time Maria honoured me with a such amazing photoshoot for H&M’s exclusive designer collaboration (and third time overall). Big kiss <3 Clicks by Nikos Koukakis. That was definitely one of his best


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