Take Me To Church

We are what we think, they say. Our thoughts and beliefs differentiate us and makes us one of a kind. Our opinions and theories may label us into certain types and circles, but we think and believe peerlessly. We may have a busy schedule, but there is always time to think and ponder. To me that is a special moment and a church is most of the times the perfect place to calm my thoughts and worries. Church is beyond trends and musts (or it should be), church is about statements

While trends come and go, one timeless accessory is a wristwatch. Wenger Watches feature from wrist decoration and durable waterproof options for outdoor activities to simple and elegant styles perfect for the everyday wear. Quality, Durability, Multi-functionality in combination with temping design. That’s exactly what you find in every single Wenger product.

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Total outfit by Antony Morato
Shoes: Migato
Backpack: Hackett London
Watch: Wenger Watches
Sunglasses: Weareeyes


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