Feel The Moment

Time runs fast, and routine saturates our whole life, school, work, obligations, social activities and many more. But where’s time for me. Time for Harris, time for you? From the moment we wake up every morning there is a¬†constant running. To get ready, to be there on time, to catch deadlines, to meet friends, to succeed! We fail to feel though.

To feel the moment. To¬†obtain delight. We spend so much time to live in a chaos and we fail to live in general. Be prosperous, but be happy for the moment while you’re getting there. A single moment never comes back. You can’t relive the moment, so make sure you live the moment and you’ll feel it to the maximum!

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T-shirt: Hard
Trousers: H&M
Suit Jacket: Zara
Peakcoat: Personal Collection – Vintage piece
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Shoes: adidas EQT
Sunglasses: Weareeyes
Backpack: Migato


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