Black Is The New Black

Choices. Too many choices. Colors, styles, lengths, combinations, textures. It’s hard some times to manage to find balance. This is why total black is always the safest choice. The only thing you need to bare in mind is the tensity of black. No different blacks! If you go for total black, make sure you pick the same black among your clothes.

There are numerous brands you can find total black looks, but for me, for this Holiday season H&M caught my attention. Soft textures, interesting details, amazing fitting. Say no more. H&M Holiday Season can deliver a stunning outfit through a  wide variety of clothes and stores! Make sure you’ll find the one for you!

H&M total black 1 H&M total black 5 H&M total black 7 H&M total black 3 H&M total black 6 H&M total black 2 H&M total black 4

Total black by H&M
Shoes: Migato
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Handbag: Zara


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