Self Serviced

So many things we can manage to handle alone. You know there is power in the state of self. It isn’t about loneliness, it’s about self-confidence. To me it was confidence that was in need in order not only to live alone more than 10 years ago, but to be able to take of myself. Laundry for the very first time was a mess, while cooking was a disaster, but thank God I’ve learned quite fast.

Years passed by and I’m competent to do my laundry and all housework. The other day I passed through a self-service laundry store downtown and I remembered the first time i pushed the start button. I love taking care of my clothes, especially the ones that fit me perfectly. This total outfit by Gant is definitely worth of care. Fine wools, strong colors and interesting details are few of the main elements! Be responsible of your clothes, because they represent who you are!

gant laundry 4 gant laundry 3 gant laundry 5 gant laundry 6 gant laundry 7 gant laundry 2 gant laundry 1 gant laundry 8

Total outfit by Gant
Accessories: Gant
watch: Daniel Wellington
Shoes: Gant
Socks: H&M x Kenzo

Special thanks to EasyWash (self service laundry) for the amazing venue and hospitality


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