Shades of The Earth

What if the Earth had a voice? How many messages would have been clear to mankind? Would have an angry or a happy tone? So many things are saturated by the earthly elements, such us colors. There must be something really magical about these colors. They calm you down, they pacify your feelings. That sense of reconciliation with a such powerful essential element.

This year The Bostonians harmonize an entire collection to the element of the Earth. Wonderful hues of brown, green, beige blended with an amazing quality, a quality of textures! A wide variety of soft pants and sweaters and the old classic montgomery. The legend of coats. You know you like it. Accept the earthly challenge!

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Total outfit by The Bostonians
Montgomery Coat: The Bostonians
Shoes: Sagiakos
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Socks: Kenzo x H&M


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